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Scorch Plays: Split/Second - Season 02 - Big Rig Boom

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Pokemon X & Y Battle Spot #09 [Ranked] - Foes Bound by Destiny!!

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With all of the family ties being brought up in Fairy Tail, I wonder how long it’ll be until we meet Erza’s parents. Just sayin’. 

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Scorch Plays: Call of Duty Ghosts - Mission 04 - Struck Down

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Pokemon X & Y Battle Spot #08 [Ranked] - Danger in the Skies!!

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This girl is basically the Rule 63 Edolas Natsu w/ kinky interests (post-Laxus power-up). 

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Geek Zone: Haikyū!! Anime Review


I am so glad that I got over my initial apprehensions about this series. 

Haikyū!! is a sports manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, and I actually remember seeing the original one-shot being published a few years ago, so it’s cool to see how far it’s come. The anime adaptation was handled by Production I.G, and after a lot of convincing from one of my friends, I finally decided to give it a go. 

At first I was afraid that it was going to be a typical shonen story, and because of my history with sports I thought that I would find it difficult to suspend disbelief and enjoy the series, so while there were definitely moments that made me cringe and go, “Ugh, that’s a little melodramatic”, overall I really did love the series.

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Hey there, internet friends! I recently hit 500 followers, a milestone I never would’ve thought I’d reach, and I wanted to say thank you! I just can’t believe how many of you actually like my blog and how many of you I’ve talked to and become friends with… It’s just unreal!

Now before I get into the list, I wanna thank a few people in particular. First up, ^cosplay-pikachu. Jon, you were my first ever follower, and you’ve always been extremely supportive of both me and the blog! So thank you! Another special mention goes to three people in particular, ^noticemeeesenpai, ^zwampert and ^h0ppip. Thank you all for helping me with the gif making! You three are some of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve met on Tumblr (that’s not to say the rest of you aren’t nice or helpful! xD), I cant thank you three enough! And thank you to all my followers! I dunno how you’ve managed to put up with me for this long, but thank you all! And now, the list! WARNING! THIS LIST IS PROBABLY, MOST LIKELY GOING TO BE A LONG ONE! SO, Y’KNOW, READ ON IF YOU DARE!

Bolded = one of my favourite blogs

^ = Either a really nice person I’ve talked to/A hella neat friend/Both


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These blogs are all great, and I’m really happy following each and every one of them! I may have forgotten some people, but your blogs are still great and you don’t need me to tell you that! But yeah, I’m sorry it’s so long and that I had to delete this the first time I posted it (something went wrong :/). Hopefully you can check out all of these blogs! But yeah, I’m gonna finish it up here, thank you all so much for reading this and for following too! Until next time, take care! :D

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