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Dex No. 338 Solrock

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: Did you know that Solrock outspeeds a Greninja after just one Rock Polish? Did you also know it can OKHO a Greninja with Explosion? My friend didn’t - and I still laugh about it now. XD Though this will only work late-game as an unboosted Attack of 161 doesn’t go far otherwise, I still have confidence in Solrock’s ability to cause havoc. 

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Dex No. 337 Lunatone

31 IVs in HP / Def / Sp. Atk / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: I went the full mile with this guy. Solrock as well. I no longer care if it’s genderless - I’m going for those 5 IVs - and it has been so worth it. Lunatone, like Seviper, is really powerful with Choice Specs equiped, and it’s just a shame that there aren’t any really powerful Rock-type special attacks. His current set has decent coverage though, and I’m happy to use him in Super Singles or NU battles.

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Dex No. 336 Seviper

31 IVs in HP / Def / Sp. Atk / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: I honestly never expected Seviper to be a special attacker, nor did I expect it to be so damn effective as well. Sure, it’s slow, but when you equip it with a Choice Specs it’s incredibly powerful. I’ve managed to get pretty far into the Battle Maison’s Super Singles with this Pokemon.

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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #08 - Too Many Cutscenes in Lumiose City!! 

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Dex No. 335 Zangoose

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: I want to say, ‘Zangoose is another favourite of mine from Gen III’, but at this point I think it’s pretty obvious that I love almost all of Hoenn’s Pokemon, haha. Zangoose is one of the few Pokemon I went out of my way to raise in Gen V (before I was into competitive Pokemon), and I have a lot of fun with this guy. He’s terribly frail, but really powerful! 

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Oh Waver, how far you’ve come.

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Dex No. 334 Altaria 

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: Y’know, I don’t really know how I feel about this set. I wanted an offensive Altaria, but it’s still going to take several Dragon Dances before it can even do anything. I probably should have played it safe and just made a defensive set… 

Also, Mega Altaria should be a thing. Dragon/Fairy or Fairy/Flying would be nice, and it already learns a few Fairy moves.

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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #07 - Attack on Professor!! 

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