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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #32 - Liberating the Poke Ball Factory!!

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Dex No. 377 Regirock

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Atk / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: So… in the quest to find a competitive Regirock I kind of ended up with three. One is shiny. But this has the 6IVs… so… *shrugs*. I had a different set planned for it, but the current moves actually work very well, and two of them are Move Tutor moves so I’m not risking losing those - at least until Move Tutors are confirmed for ORAS.

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✿ Day 3: Fingers 

Post-battle confession that eventually leads to *coughs*slowmakingoutsession*coughs* is my guilty pleasure for this pairing, yep, so enjoy this and hopefully we can get something similar to this in those next chapters.

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I feel that this line is very suitable for the current situation. 

The only thing that can stop Kurotsuchi now is a joint commission into his malpractice as a doctor. 

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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #31 - An Unprepared Assault on the Doll House!!

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Dex No. 376 Metagross

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: Again, genderless Pokemon are an absolute bitch to breed. But… as I mentioned earlier with Huntail… hehehe. Explosion. All of the time. End a battle in nuclear fire! XD The Assault Vest is working out pretty nicely, though I do have a second 5IV Beldum saved for a full-offensive set. Agility would be a nice support move…

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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #30 - I Bought New Clothes!!

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Dex No. 373 Salamence

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: I have a friend who is convinced that Intimidate is a useless ability. I am going to prove him wrong - with an Intimate Salamence! Switch in on a physical attacker (that hopefully isn’t Mamoswine), lower their attack, set up on your own, and then wreck shop. Plus, with the announcement of Mega Salamence and its improved defences, an Intimidate is perfect now. ;)

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