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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #14 - Ancient Antagonists and Fabulous Fossils!! No… wait.

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Dex No. 344 Claydol

31 IVs in HP / Def / Sp. Atk / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: Christ… just look at that special defence. @_@ It’s just a shame that this guy has so many weaknesses. =/ Water, Ice, Grass, Bug, Dark, and Ghost… there is a lot of special attacks there… . Still, it’s good that it can learn Rapid Spin, and Levitate means I can switch in on hazards without fear. ^-^

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I know Gilgamesh… I know… ( o///o)

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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #13 - Unruly Rhyhorn and Glittering Cave!

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BITCH! Whose prize do you think you’re stealing?!

But seriously, that’s some sneaky product placement, haha.

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Release: December, 2014 [x]

I want this so much. ;~;

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Pokemon Y Wonderlocke #12 - Bad Luck With Dragons on Route 8!! 

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Chapter Books: An Online Class

So, one of my classes this semester is an online class, and it’s on chapter books, which is effectively books for children. Not picture books, but not full-on novel/literature either. 

First exercise:

"Think back to when you were at primary school, around the age of seven to eleven, perhaps.

Jot down quickly (without thinking about it too much) ten things you remember from those school days. Things meaning events and happenings that you could naturally relate to someone as an anecdote. They could include winning or losing in a sport, being in a school play, fighting with your best friend, a special school event, an excursion or camp occasion, etc.

Choose the one that seems the most vivid to you at this moment. Write about what happened, and begin your piece: I remember the day that…

I really wish I paid more attention as a kid. ( _ _)

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