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Dex No. 205 Forretress

31 IVs in HP / Atk / Def / Sp. Def

Note: Rapid Spin + hazards! Should be fun… unless my opponent switches in a special attacker and/or a Fire-type. ( ._.) But when you only have one weakness, and eightresistances, it should be fine. I love Bug/Steel, I love Forretress and Scizor. 

…and Genesect. Kind of. I’ve never used him yet, and I really want that red Shiny. Ah well.

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I just received an e-mail from Tumblr that congratulated me for turning ‘1’.

I felt that this was appropriate. Join me, my wonderful followers!

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Dex No. 203 Girafarig

31 IVs in HP / Def / Sp. Atk / Sp. Def / Spe

Note: I’ve never really been a fan of Girafarig. It just feels like one of those ‘dead-end’ designs where I can’t see it evolving into anything better. I’ve seen a lot of fan art that has the second head getting larger but… that just doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe a Baby form - but it’s just a shame that its stats are so low. 

Posted 3 days ago

I know we’ve joked about it for years, but I really think he’s done it this time - Kenpachi has unlocked God Mode. 

This is just his Shikai, and he’s still wearing his eye-patch.

Posted 3 days ago

Pokémon X *CLEARED*

End Time: 12 hours. 

Money: $ 783,964

Final Team

01. Hawlucha  Lvl 81


02. Mawile Lvl 75


03. Abomasnow  Lvl 65

image    image

04. Umbreon Lvl 64


05. Chesnaught  Lvl 58


06. Charizard (X) Lvl 59

image    image

So I just rushed through Pokémon X. I originally started it as a Nuzlocke months ago, but that fell through, so I decided to finish the game in order to get the X-exclusive Mega Stones. 

Thanks to the early Wonder Trades I was able to basically solo the entire game with a Hawlucha. That thing single-handedly breaks 5 out of 8 Gym Leaders. 

There is nothing more awesome then a luchador-bird carving a path of destruction through your game. XD